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Are you going to install the WP Search Console plugin?

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Test Free of Charge

Before paying a subscription, you can test the plugin for free on 10.000 URLs


How to install the plugin?

Take the time to watch this video because even if you know how to install a WordPress plugin, the rest is important to follow!

  1. Install the plugin and activate it
  2. Create your account on the MITAMBO crawler
  3. Go and adjust the frequency of the crawler
  4. Wait 20 minutes to get your first analysis
  5. Go to Facebook to register in WP Search Console group
  6. Introduce yourself to the group and ask your questions.
  7. Back to the administration of your WordPress site
Click here to download the WPSearchConsole plugin

F.A.Q. before downloading WPSC plugin

How do I check that the connections are working properly?

How do I verify that the connections to Google Search Console and Mitambo are working properly on my site?

Once you activate the plugin, you will need to allow access to the data distributed by both services.

An explanation page with a video is available here.

How to generate an SEO audit with WP Search Console plugin ?

Is it possible to make an SEO audit with the WP Search Console plug-in?

Yes, this is one of the tasks that can be done with the task management plug-in.

An expert can analyze all templates and review a list of pages. For each of the identified tasks, he can create a task.

They are centralized on the global view of tasks accessible in the plugin menu.

And you have a report made directly IN your website.

How to install the plugin in your WP site?

What to do after downloading the plugin on your computer?

A video explains the procedure on this support page. 

I already have an SEO plugin installed

Perfect! Don’t touch anything.

Our WPSC plugin is not a SEO plugin like SEO YOAST or another competitor.

We don’t change ANYTHING in the currently activated theme.

We only provide semantic information on each page.

We guide the optimization to help you quickly validate your optimization efforts.

If I need help: who can help me?

How to find help to use WP Search Console?

The community is organized on a private group on Facebook. You can always solicit the team publicly by asking your questions.

Several WordPress experts and SEO agencies are present in the group. There are no preferences or promotions, or certified experts, but several collaborations are already at work according to affinities.

There is no advertising / spam in the group.

If you are looking for help, you will find several people able to help you.

Going from an audit with practical recommendations
Going through to the implementation of the proposed changes
And wishing for a weekly coaching/coaching.

But we do not intervene directly in your choices. If you discuss with an expert, we invite you to ask them for their WPSC references. You will be able to see what they have already really achieved as results.

For example, you look at the progress curve proposed by SEMRush or you ask them for a screenshot of the traffic progression on Google Analytics.

Is there detailed documentation?

Where is the official documentation of WP Search Console plugin?

A complete documentation with annotated screenshots is available online. (with french comments)

To find out what materials are available?

If I want to know what resources are available?

There are often two questions that get mixed up with this request.

  • Learn how to use all the resources of the plugin
  • Learn how to optimize your pages for SEO

Learn WP Search Console plugin resources

There is extensive documentation of the plug-in and a series of instructional videos (in french) that explain the concepts.

Several video training courses are in preparation. They will be made available in the member’s area, either free of charge or for a fee.

Learn by yourself how to optimize your pages for referencing.

Learning SEO optimization depends on each person and the energy you want to put into learning by trial and error.

There is no magic wand and your sweaty brain should be able to be put to the test. You have to be creative, critical and always alert.

One Google query is not the other. So there is no universal technique.

In the instructional videos, we show you different approaches.

Optimizing the text on your page is the easiest step. It is explained all over the internet.

The optimization of text anchors that point to your page is more complex.

Coaching, consulting, subcontracting, …

Several formulas are possible. Contact us via the private group on FB we will evaluate your request and put you in contact with the right resources.

What is free and what is paid for?

Is it free or does it cost some money?

WP Search Console is a Freemium plugin.

Several modules in the plugin are (and will always remain) free:

  • The task management module
  • and access to google search console data.

The Mitambo module is free for a first trial.

The crawler passes a first time on your site. And you get all possible reports on demand. You can check that the information provided is correct.

The Mitambo service is then paying if you wish to get several crawls to follow the progress of your work.

What’s a crawl frequency?

The crawl is the passage of a robot that comes to discover the pages of your site.

Then it analyzes them to understand what you wanted to say.

The crawl passage in a regular way can be defined with WP Search Console.

You can decide how often our Mitambo crawler passes on your website.

You are entitled to a total of 25.000 URLs analyzed per month.

A URL is as much a web page as a resource (an image, a pdf, a JS file, …).

You can set this crawl speed in the administration interface at

What’s custom crawl frequency?

What’s the customizable crawl frequency?

You have understood why we were counting URLs (if not look at the related question).

The subscription proposal provides you with a maximum volume of URLs per month.

Maximum monthly URL volume

Depending on the number of projects and the way you work on a site, you will need a more or less frequent use of our crawler.

When we correct a theme, when we modify templates, we like to get a quick feedback on the corrections made.

If you write on a weekly basis, you will need a weekly crawl.

Manage crawl frequency

In the application area you can manage your profile (your subscriptions, …) but also the parameters of your crawl project.

Where can I get help?

Who can help me?

The easiest way is to contact us via the private group on FB.  Join the group, introduce yourself and don’t hesitate to ask for explanations.

The community is on Facebook

Don’t stay alone, come and join +127 people in the private group on FB.

We discuss everyone’s questions. Some members will help you … and others will be ready to work with you.

Don’t wait, come now.

Why count URLs for the limit of one crawl?

Why count URLs for the limit of one crawl?

URL comes from Uniform Resource Locator. This means that it is the way to locate any resource used on your website. A page like an image or a script (css, js, …).

An analysis of a crawl reviews all the resources of your site … so the total number of URLs can greatly exceed the number of pages proposed.

To have a complete analysis, we must analyze EVERYTHING.

The proposed subscription formula includes a limit in URLs of all the resources to analyze and not only the web pages.

Why do I have to crawl my site?

This is the great particularity of our Mitambo service.

Not all the work is done in your WordPress site by the WPSC plugin.  On the site we explain why the SEO plugins don’t know how to have a complete view from the site administration.

We have created a crawler (a crawler like the ones Google uses) able to analyze all the pages of your site, one by one…

The WPSC plugin actually calls the data that have been computed by this crawl service.

You can also set the crawl frequency so that you don’t consume too quickly the available quota while waiting for the next month for it to be restored.