It is possible and even faster than expected!

How can I do that? By optimizing the semantics of your pages by following the step by step advice of WP Search Console. 


What is this WordPress plugin for?

Download the WP Search Console plugin

Respond directly to the search intent of your visitors

Search intention is the primary motivation of your visitors. Google tries to answer as accurately as possible to satisfy its visitors. It tries to detect the purpose behind their search.

  • Are they trying to understand a definition?
  • Are they looking for products to buy?
  • Do they want to compare sellers?

The spectrum of questions is wide enough before someone decides to look for the specific information you have written on a product data sheet.

When ranking your pages, Google determines the topics covered on your pages and the level of your editorial expertise.

It is therefore strategic to control the main themes and expressions that emerge from your articles. 

This is the great strength of WPSC: allowing you to concentrate quickly to convince google of your intention to you



The core of the plugin is equipped with a task management module.

An SEO consultant can explain to his clients what needs to be done on each page.

An editorial team can organize itself. Tasks are assigned to any wordpress user.

A global tracking page can show what has been done and how the work is progressing.

Does it really work?

Here are a few examples of traffic impact achieved by our customers!

Main characteristics
of the WP Search Console plugin

What you need to know...

The plugin offers you more than 70 different reports.

Some of them are directly in the heart of your pages.

Others are present as a global view to have a perspective and compare the pages between them.

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On-Page Optimization

For each page we show you the really optimized keywords.

Contrary to other SEO plugins we analyze the published page by the internal data of your database.

We use the MITAMBO crawler to simulate the visit of a GoogleBot.

We take into account all the information published on the page and not only the title field and the text content. Do some research, you will see that our solution is unique.

We calculate all the internal mesh. The semantic influence of each link is detailed to help you boost each page cleanly .

Internal Linking

A complete detail page by page of the incoming and outgoing links is proposed to you with a calculation of the Internal PageRank of your site.

No SEO plugin is able to provide you with this information: they are not able to analyze the visual rendering of your templates.

You access all the links to be able to modify the anchors or determine which templates automatically generate them (and how you can change them).

You can easily discuss with an agency or developer to ask them to modify the mesh by directly controlling the impact.

Audit SEO WordPress

A complete page by page detail of the tags used, duplication problems (titles, description, similar content).

Overview with all resources (404, redirects) including the status of outbound links.

Exclusive analysis of internal competition concerns (duplicate pages, duplicate titles and descriptions and even pages optimized for the same keywords.

Possibility to export reports in CSV.

Possibility to take notes page by page with the task management to identify all the issues to be addressed.

Google Search Console

At the heart of each page, you will find the queries on which Google ranks the page.

A central view is also available with the possibility of CSV export.

This information is available to you in your Google Search Console. But you have to go and search them and find the details page by page.

Which is not so simple.

WPSC simplifies your life by bringing these searches directly to the WordPress backoffice.

You can follow the progress directly in the heart of the page.