What is free and what is paid for?

Is it free or does it cost some money?

WP Search Console is a Freemium plugin.

Several modules in the plugin are (and will always remain) free:

  • The task management module
  • and access to google search console data.

The Read more

Why count URLs for the limit of one crawl?

Why count URLs for the limit of one crawl?

URL comes from Uniform Resource Locator. This means that it is the way to locate any resource used on your website. A page like an image or a script (css, Read more

What’s custom crawl frequency?

What’s the customizable crawl frequency?

You have understood why we were counting URLs (if not look at the related question).

The subscription proposal provides you with a maximum volume of URLs per month.

Maximum monthly URL volume

Depending on Read more

Why do I have to crawl my site?

This is the great particularity of our Mitambo service.

Not all the work is done in your WordPress site by the WPSC plugin.  On the site we explain why the SEO plugins don’t know how to have a Read more

I already have an SEO plugin installed

Perfect! Don’t touch anything.

Our WPSC plugin is not a SEO plugin like SEO YOAST or another competitor.

We don’t change ANYTHING in the currently activated theme.

We only provide semantic information on each page.

We guide the optimization Read more

I have several sites to optimize

We offer different plans for people who manage networks of sites.

All plans are detailed in the subscription section of the application that manages your crawler on http://app.mitambo.com/.


If the service doesn’t work with my site for various reasons, can I get a refund?

Yes without any problems.

We advise you to start with the free version to check that the plugin is working properly.

Even for Read more