Lesson #2.1: Template Analysis

Technical optimization is achieved through barrier-free templates.

The final rendering of your templates can be counterproductive for the overall optimization of your articles.

Often the complementary objects (side bars, menus, footers,…) use a series of HTML tags that disturb Read more

Lesson #1.3: Visual Semantic Analysis With WP Search Console

Exclusivity of the WP Search Console plug-in: visual semantic analysis

Three visual analyses allow you to quickly understand the semantic themes that are optimized on your website.

This allows you to understand if you are on the right Read more

Lesson #1.2: Checking the WP Search Console Plugin’s Proper Configuration

Access to APIs is not always easy… when you start with the plugin. Various messages can be displayed which are not always easily understandable.

Often when you don’t receive any more updated information, one of the main reasons will Read more

Lesson #1.1: How to Install the WP Search Console Plugin?

Install the plugin and enable the two services that will be merged by the plugin:

  • login into your Google Search Console account
  • create and activate your Mitambo Search Console account
  • Download the plugin here
  • The documentation is here ( Read more