How many pages do I need on my wp site to get good rankings?

We’re not gonna hide it. Google likes content. And if you want to get visibility, you have to be able to create a lot of pages on your site.

Also to create popularity for your pages, you need to get internal links into your site.

To distribute links, you need pages.

The pagerank is in the pages … and not in the links. They distribute the pagerank … but it is created in the pages.

Our advice is to target a hundred pages for a first level of effective optimization.

After that there are no absolute rules. It depends on the theme of your site, its general ecosystem, the level of competition, the activity of the site on social networks, …

Sometimes 4 pages are enough to rank a page on the desired request … sometimes it takes several hundreds.

Don’t be tempted too quickly to go looking for links outside your site.

There are many solutions and many services because it is an industry in its own right.

Build a solid foundation for your site first. This is really where you can control the semantic authority of your pages.

If you need popularity / raw authority, external links will help … but first master the basics.