To find out what materials are available?

If I want to know what resources are available?

There are often two questions that get mixed up with this request.

  • Learn how to use all the resources of the plugin
  • Learn how to optimize your pages for SEO

Learn WP Search Console plugin resources

There is extensive documentation of the plug-in and a series of instructional videos (in french) that explain the concepts.

Several video training courses are in preparation. They will be made available in the member’s area, either free of charge or for a fee.

Learn by yourself how to optimize your pages for referencing.

Learning SEO optimization depends on each person and the energy you want to put into learning by trial and error.

There is no magic wand and your sweaty brain should be able to be put to the test. You have to be creative, critical and always alert.

One Google query is not the other. So there is no universal technique.

In the instructional videos, we show you different approaches.

Optimizing the text on your page is the easiest step. It is explained all over the internet.

The optimization of text anchors that point to your page is more complex.

Coaching, consulting, subcontracting, …

Several formulas are possible. Contact us via the private group on FB we will evaluate your request and put you in contact with the right resources.