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You use WordPress to manage your site.

You want to learn how experts write for the web in order to be able to rank your content in the TOP 10 on Google.

But no talk and miraculous promises, you want to see concrete things
that work right away.


Are you new to SEO?

You do not yet master the concepts of referencing.

The SEO technique is not for you but you want to improve.

You want to get more qualified traffic when looking for your products and services.

You are looking for help page by page.


You’re already an expert!

Freelance or agency consultant: you need to save time to optimize massively pages of a website.

Your client is in a hurry (as always).

You are looking for a global and collaborative management system to advise your client page by page.

What are you really looking for?

Your goal is to get
Qualified traffic!

You want to double or even triple your (natural) organic visitors traffic!

And you say to yourself that it’s not possible to commit to this kind of promise of results.

You want to create a positive spiral in the medium and long term.

That quickly filed pages suck up other pages in the heights of the rankings.

Your problem : 

You don’t know where to start!

  • How to optimize a page efficiently?
  • What structure do I need to adapt inside my site to link the pages?
  • Is my WordPress theme really made for SEO?

In short, you are looking for someone to help you progress or at least a tool that makes your life easier.

It’s a tough job when you start. It is very difficult if you work alone.

It’s also not easy to know where to start.

And you don’t necessarily have the budgets to buy all the links you dream of to create a huge popularity.

So SEO strategies of netlinking are not within your reach (for the moment). Don’t panic!

The good news:

The WPSC plugin is the only plugin that exists to MASS optimize the content of WordPress sites.

It is not a magic wand that will transform your contents.

You get information about what is “understood” of your page by Google, Bing and other engines.

It will be up to you to adapt the texts, but be guided step by step. By learning to follow the rules, you will become hyper productive.

Download the WPSC plugin

Ressources for the plugin

Tour and Features

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The plugin offers you analyses on keywords that are really useful for referencing. In parallel a service generates SEO guides that will show you the exact words to use on each page.

You are guided step by step to save precious time.

Google Search Console

At the heart of each page, you will find the queries on which Google classifies your pages.

This information is available to you in the Google Search Console.

But you have to go over there and find the details page by page. Which is not so simple.

WPSC simplifies your life by retrieving these searches directly from the WordPress backoffice.

On-Page Optimization

For each page we show you the keywords that are really optimized.

Unlike other SEO plugins we use the MITAMBO crawler to simulate a GoogleBot visit.

We take into account all information published on the page and not only the title field and the content of the text.

We calculate all the internal mesh. The semantic influence of each link is detailed to help you to cleanly boost each page.

Spying on the TOP 10

If you knew how your competitors had optimized their pages on a given ranking, would you be interested?

Would it help you to be able to compare your On-Page optimization with that of your competitors on a given ranking?

The WP Search Console service is complemented by a detailed analysis that will show you all the elements Google expects for each ranking.

Position tracking

To monitor your progress, we propose to follow the positions of your pages.

No more stress to know if you’re doing a good job and checking everything goes with different tools.

We help you set goals to see how your efforts are working.

Collection is done weekly.

Extension Chrome SEO SERP

Swiss penknife to quickly explore potential positions of your pages without leaving WordPress’ back-office for a minute.

Within minutes, you can run variations of searches to refine your writing.

To try it is to adopt it. The extension is free, so why not do without it?

SEO Strategy Plan

Without an overall strategy, effective tactics cannot be applied.

You need to have a strategic plan to have a clear overview of the overall work to be done.

We offer subscribers an export of data to Google Drive (Google Sheets) to gain altitude on all pages.

Download the WPSC plugin

Ressources for the plugin

Tour and Features

Contact us


Here is a presentation on page analysis and how we can quickly optimize it.

Download WP Search Console plugin

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The test is completely free of charge.

The Google Search data module is free of charge and unlimited.

Task management also.

The semantic analysis data of your pages by Mitambo service becomes paid for after a dozen free crawls.

Set the crawl frequency correctly so that you have time to test and observe the modification of your data.

Why 3 months subscription?

If you want results, you have to invest at least three months of your time.  The first few weeks you will need to understand some key concepts of SEO. Once you have integrated the procedures, you will be able to tackle a larger SEO plan. Its implementation goes through different phases that we discuss in the FB group. 

Three months seems like a minimum to us. And we want to collaborate with motivated people who want results.

Why should I crawl my site?

This is the special feature of our Mitambo service.

Not all the work is done in your WordPress site by the WPSC plugin.  On the site we explain why SEO plugins don’t know how to have a complete view from the site administration.

We have created a crawler (a crawler (a crawler like the ones Google uses) that can analyze all the pages of your site, one by one. 

The WPSC plugin actually calls up the data that has been calculated by this crawl service.

You can also set the crawl frequency so that you don’t consume the available quota too quickly while waiting for the next month for it to be refurbished.

What’s a crawl frequency?

You can decide how often our Mitambo crawler will play on your website. 

You are entitled to a total of 25,000 analyzed URLs per month.

A URL is as much a web page as a resource (an image, a pdf, a JS file,…).

You can set this crawl speed in the administration interface at https://app.mitambo.com/

I already have an SEO plugin installed

Perfect! Don’t touch anything.

Our WPSC plugin is not a SEO plugin like SEO YOAST or another competitor.

We do NOT modify ANYTHING in the currently activated theme. 

We only provide semantic information on each page.

We guide optimization to help you quickly validate your optimization efforts.

How many pages do I need on my wp site?

We’re not gonna hide it. Google likes content. And if you want to get visibility, you have to be able to create a lot of pages on your site.

In addition, to create popularity on your pages, you must obtain internal links to your site.

To distribute links, you need pages.

Our advice is to target a hundred pages for a first level of efficient optimization. 

After that there are no hard and fast rules. It depends on the theme of the site, the general ecosystem, the level of competition, the activity of the site on social networks,… 

What do you propose for position tracking?
TOP 10 request analysis

It is a service that allows you to analyze the 10 competitors ranked on a query you want to target.

It analyzes your page and the 10 competitors by showing you the important words you need to include in your text.

The full turn of the plugin

An exhaustive presentation of the plugin exists in different forms on this website:

  • Technical Documentation
  • The tour of the owner
  • Resources to explain the different concepts.

I have several sites to optimize

We offer different plans for people who manage networks of sites.

All plans are detailed in the subscription section of the application that manages your crawler on https://app.mitambo.com/

I’m afraid I can’t manage on my own. 

Don’t panic. 

First we answer all the questions. Come and discuss it in PM on Messenger or directly on the private group.

Either we will put you in touch with various experts in the group who master the WPSC plugin.

Either we will propose you a coaching formula.

Come and talk to us about it.


If the service doesn’t work with my site for different reasons, can I get a refund?*

Yes, without any worries.

We recommend that you start with the free version to check the plugin’s functionality.

Even for the free version you can contact us for any problem you encounter.

You only take out the subscription once you are reassured.

WP Search Console is a WordPress plugin to help you write like a SEO professional.
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Download the WPSC plugin

Ressources for the plugin

Tour and Features

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