But why do you need another service that imitates a Google Bot?

Unfortunately, Google does not provide information for all of your pages.

Only for the most popular pages.

So how do you optimize pages “of low” interest for Google … if you stay in the dark?

That’s why we created Mitambot, a semantic crawler.

Mitambo does an analysis of several keyword spaces.

It does not focus only on the heart of the page (On-Page).

It takes into account other parameters that I explain below.

This is why it makes an innovation that helps to validate which queries a page is ranked on quickly.

If you want examples, resume the video in header, you will find a dozen examples.

Google Search Console
Mitambo Search Console

  • Full control of the subject “On-Page”
  • A control of “Reputation”
  • A control of the “Perception”
  • A mastery of the page AUTHORITY
  • The “On-Page” is the SUBJECT of your page.

Reputation is what the other pages say

Perception are the useful keywords retained by Google

Authority is the strength of the page transmitted by those who connect it.

The combination of both tools is a dominant way to optimize your content quickly.

No more blind searches. You see directly if your objectives are optimized. And you go on to the next page.