How To See With Google Eyes?

To know what Google wants, you have to look at it like him, you have to see with Google’s eyes.

It’s the easiest way to bring him what he’s looking for.

To see like Google, you have several possibilities:

Listen to what he tells you about your pages with Google Search Console.

Use a robot that will analyze your pages like a Googlebot

Use an SEO guide that shows you the words you really need to Google

Google Search Console

This is Google’s crawler control service on your site.

One of the key information is the list of useful keywords that Google uses to classify your pages.

Instead of spending your time on another application, we integrated it directly into the heart of the WordPress pages.

Using another Robot

Unfortunately Google does not disclose all the practical information we need.

Using another crawler can therefore be useful to simulate its passage.

Mitambo is a semantic crawler. It is designed to analyze keywords and identify keywords that are really useful.

Using SEO Guides

For any query of a user, Google performs various operations to select the pages it offers in a TOP 100.

These choices are not always logical.

We analyze a ranking and provide you with the strategic keywords you need to use to meet Google’s expectations.