What is the purpose of SEO?

The goal of SEO is to generate a lot of natural traffic.

And to be able to capitalize on the long-term with a recurrent source of new visitors.

You spend a lot of time creating quality content for your visitors. You know that generating visibility is difficult. And it’s not your fault.

A good referencing must value your time investment.

The SEO has the potential to bring you a regularly qualified traffic that meets your goals. You still have to get the visibility you want.

Getting to understand what Google wants is complicated, but it is far more straightforward when you take things one step at a time.

It is complex because there are many SEO rumors.

But also because the model of the web is abstract.

It’s hard to imagine how pages are linked together and why some links have more influence than others.

And how Google chose a particular page over another.

The foundations have not changed. It is the upper layers like the RankBrain algorithm that are new. But they always rest on the same basis.

And that’s what WP Search Console changes in the SEO optimization rule: it brings you the lighting to simplify the creation of solid foundations necessary to climb, climb, climb in the rankings.

So you can continue to write and put your contents into orbit.