Why are SEO Plugins Blind?

For content optimization, classic SEO plug-ins are “blind”…

They only work in the admin of the site

They don’t see pages as googlebots

They don’t know how to analyze the links

They have no idea of the authority of a page

Why are these SEO plugins like YOAST ineffective?

They are blind for keyword optimization: they don’t know how to see the content.

These tools work directly on the WordPress database.

When you save your page, they mainly analyze four fields


body of text,

title tag

description tag

If you have custom fields, they don’t know how to read their content.

Often, the pages displayed are more complex than the information encoded in the form on your page:

You got a letterhead,

a footer,

one or two side bars,

Navigation menus.

Sometimes, a template display will look for content in other pages: example a list of articles suggested to your visitors (images, titles, descriptions).

All these elements add “words” and “tags” that SEO plug-ins don’t know how to “see”.

They’re blind.

So their analysis on keywords is incomplete, even fanciful.

At times, they can even analyze content… that isn’t even displayed on your site.

And in some cases, your page views are really harmful for SEO, because they create a real semantic pollution.

You have the same groups of phrases that are repeated all over your site.

And for the authority of your pages,

they don’t know how to measure anything…

The authority of your pages is measured by the famous “link juice” used in the PageRank formula.

To understand authority within a site, it is necessary to be able to count all the links between pages.

Since these plug-ins only work on the database, they are also blind there.

So the existing SEO plug-ins are in stalemate?

To release the SEO energy from a site, these plug-ins are unfortunately insufficient.

They are very useful and even indispensable to solve all the technical aspects.

But relying on them to “miraculously” get rankings is not a very reliable solution.

In short, what are they missing?

They lack

A complete semantic analysis

A measure of the Internal Authority of the pages

The semantic analysis of the page as it is proposed to GoogleBots. It takes a crawler to come and analyze the page.

That’s why we created our own Mitambo robot.

It analyzes your entire site and offers complete analyses.

The WP Search Console plug-in becomes the ideal complement to your SEO plug-in.

You have a full SEO dashboard inside the site. And on each page, a complete detail.