Why use Google Search Console?

In the service dedicated to GoogleBots visits on your site, you can obtain various valuable information about the understanding of your site.

Most popular queries

Your most popular pages

Obtaining this information directly from your WordPress pages will give you a wealth of information about how your page is perceived.

No need to waste time, you get the information by clicking on a button.

At the heart of a page, you get the list of queries that Google considers for your page.

At the heart of the plugin menu, you can search Google Search Console for information about queries and pages in general.

But why do you need another service that mimics a GoogleBot?

Unfortunately, Google does not provide information for all your pages.

Only for the most popular pages.

So, how do you optimize pages “too weak” of interest to Google… if you stay in the dark?

That’s why we created Mitambot, a semantic crawler.

Mitambo meta-keywords WPSC

Mitambo makes an analysis of several keyword spaces.

It does not only focus on the heart of the page (On-Page).

It takes into account other parameters such as the list of all the pages of the site (internal links) that send a link to the page

This unique approach allows you to understand how the reputation of links is built and why certain words stand out clearly in the Google Search Console.

You get a key to modify the perception to choose the keywords you want to reach.

In addition, we list all the pages that contain an important keyword.

These pages can become the source of a link to a strategic page that you want to see rise in the rankings.