WP SEO plugins and the popularity of your pages?

And for the authority of your pages?

They are not able to measure anything.

Did you find an seo plugin that counts links inside your site?

The authority of your pages is measured with the famous “juice of links” used in the formula of PageRank.

To understand the power within a website, one must be able to count all the links that are distributed between the pages.

As these plugins work only on the database, there too they are blind.

Our crawler Mitambot count every links and gives you a full display on any post, page, custom-post, category or tag page.

So are the existing WP SEO plugins  in deadlock?

To release SEO energy from a site, these plugins are unfortunately insufficient.

They are very useful and even indispensable to solve all the technical aspects.

But relying on them to “miraculously” get rankings is not a very reliable solution.

In short, what is their lacking?

They lack:

– A Complete Semantic Analysis
– A Measure of Internal Authority of Pages

The semantic analysis of the page as proposed to GoogleBots. It takes a crawler to come and analyze the page.

That’s why we created our SEO robot: Mitambot.

It analyzes your entire site and offers comprehensive analysis.

The WP Search Console plugin becomes the ideal complement to your SEO plugin.

You have a complete SEO dashboard inside the site. And on each page, a full detail.