Lesson #2.2: The Main HTML Tags in Your WordPress Templates

The semantic structure of your page is a key element to control

The report on the main HTML tags used on your page is one of the key “technical” elements to check on your page.

How to analyze them? And what recommendations you can make to improve your templates.

That’s what I explain in the video.

In this video, we will review the box, the keyword metabox analyzed by MITAMBO.

So, just a little reminder, this box is in the keyword analysis of your article on your page, you need to refresh it a little bit.

And as the boxes close here, you can always move the boxes on the page according to what you want to work on.

So now I have my keywords. And so I will find the box we want to analyze, the main HTML tags.

Then you have each time a line that lists all the Tags that are marked at H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 etc. and that will take title tag.

So why is it important to look at that? That’s because it gives an indication on the semantic clarity that your article can have when an engine will append it.

If I show you this example here, look at the H3 line, so you have:”1 comment, Leave a comment Cancel reply…, Recent articles, Categories, Recent comments…”.

You see, basically, we have a whole series of elements that will be recurrent on all the articles pages of your site, of this site in any case.

I see here, I have “Saint-Gilles, Coiffure Audergem, Coiffure Châtelineau” which are keywords that are probably salons that this site uses.

And you can see that we are far from the keywords that will help to bring out the content that is put on the page.

You have a H2 title that reads” Blog” and you have the title of the article “You are beautiful”,”Redina” in commercial title.

Look at this page, Redina, you see that it is the name of the person and the user name arrives in H5.

Imagine if you have a popular page with a dozen laughing words on it. You’re beautiful “, here analysing the title of the text which is really very short. Plus, no category.

We’ll find the picture. I have my little trash 2 here with my blog.

I actually have all my titles that come here:”Recent articles, You’re gorgeous”, all those things that came there.

We have a rather perfect example, our key theme that is not well coded for SEO. And so the recommendation is to be able to keep a style similar to the display of the H3, but no longer to lower the H3 and reserve these hierarchies of titles for the body of content.

If you have a series of articles that are well balanced, well, good for you.

You will be able to check that the structure of your article is well put forward and you will be able to check again inside, your key expressions that you want to see bring out, are well put in place.

I’ll show you an example here by going to this site seo takeoff immediately. I’ll get an article.

You see here, I have the title of my page, I will find my H1 which is the same as the title H2 and you will find every time:”PBN objective…

Priority n°1, not to waste too much time… Budget for a network… a beautiful computer graphics…”.

You can see that we have all the elements related to the body of my article and not at all to the navigation structure that is proposed on the page.

There you go! I hope that this video will inspire you, you will be able to draw a series of lessons useful for your work.

See you soon!

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