Lesson #3.2: Optimizing the heart of pages

A quick overview of key information useful for optimizing your pages

A short presentation to show you useful information to optimize their core pages

I’ll show you the heart of the WP Search Console plug-in.

The purpose of the plug-in is to bring back to the heart of the page the information that comes from Google Search Console, since it is the name of the plug-in, and another crawler, which will complete the information that Google brings to guide the shooting and information that will help optimize the page.

Because in some cases, Google Search Console does not return keywords for a given page. So that’s not why we’re not going to be able to stay impotent on the directions to take to optimize the page.

So we cut 2 sets of data to move forward quickly.

So here’s an example, this page with the queries that come from Google.

Simply click on the button on the right, and there is a call going to the service in question, and it returns the data.

And behind here, we’re gonna have a series of words that are optimized. So there are 3 lines.

    The first line is for the main keywords.


  • The 2nd is the list of optimized keywords on the page.
  • .
    And the 3rd line, these are the keywords that come from the link anchors that point to the page.

Here I have the list of simple words, double words and triple words. So we have a series of keywords to optimize the page.

The 3 words that are indicated here, and I do my research… I will find here my page which is first. I’m going to start playing by removing the keywords, and look at the different logics under which my page is ranked.

That’s part one. And in the tabs, you can see that there is a list with all the internal links to my page. Here I find my anchors of links.

If I want to change my link anchors, I know which pages I need to go to to change those links.

And I can add others to change the importance of some words.

Here I have all the links that come out of my page. So I can try to understand which link sources are coming out of my page, my Template.

See what I can delete or add to improve the logic.

There is also a 3rd zone which will show you all the possibilities of internal competitions.

So pages that have the same title, duplicates titles, duplicates description… so the same duplicates page.

Sometimes these are URL problems. Multiple URLs for the same page. And we have a system that is specific to our service, which will show you pages that are optimized for the same keywords.

Somewhere, which will compete somewhere on the same keywords.

So here, that’s the really big part of the plug-in. We really bring it to the heart of WordPress, to the heart of every page, the list of all the keywords that come from Google Search Console.

We ourselves bring a series of complementary keywords. And so we can have guidelines to improve the content of the page.

If you have a site with a lot of content, you can really reboot the pages very, very easily, review the keywords or the structure very clear to be able to really give a little boost on it.

Or, even if you create new content, you can quickly optimize it.

I’ll take one last example, here, by taking this page. So a service presentation that is duplicated.

I’m just going to click on the Google query, and I’m going to click on the Mitambo service call.

And so I end up with duplicated content. So I can search here:”detected content, kill SEO”.

For example, I could do a search like that. And here, here, weight and keyword that are set up here, the page here is first.

Download the plugin here
Documentation here

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