Lesson #3.3: Optimizing keywords on a page

How to optimize a page?

The first part of page optimization is the “ON-PAGE” area.

You have Google Search Console information… or sometimes no keywords used.

Mirroring you have Mitambo Search Console information that allows you to understand the page’s strengths and weaknesses.

One of the important exercises to do is to look for variations of searches on which the page is already classified (or could be classified).

Then choose the keywords on which you could put your energy.

Here are 3 extensions that are very useful to help you in your searches to optimize a web page.

  • Page Load Time: to check if your page has loading problems (loading speed is one of the key factors)
  • SERP Trends SEO Extension qyes tells you the position in SERPs (but who keeps a memory… to help you track the progress of pages in your searches)
  • .

  • Multiple Tab Search To open parallel google searches with a list of keywords to prospect

Good discoveries and above all good work!

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