Lesson #3.5: Quick Tip for Google Brain

RankBrain is the latest logic that Google uses to learn how to filter results.


RankBrain is the last layer Google uses to filter results.

There should be a training course entirely dedicated to the subject. We don’t know how to “optimize” for RankBrain, because it’s an artificial intelligence algo that learns from users’ requests.

On the other hand, one thing is certain: you have clues to better understand what people are looking for in certain queries.

And these clues you can integrate them in your pages… to increase your positions.

Today, I’d like to show you a quick video about RankBrain.

Just one small tip: RankBrain is a layer where Google interprets the intention of the search that the person is doing.

Basically, he will replace the pages to try to meet the demand. There are several forms of questions for example: how? Why…? With variations in the way of expressing something that will actually get the same pages.

And this, I’ll show you in another video how we can work this with the plug-in.

What I just wanted to show you, if you go to “Search Tools”, all the results “” and word for word”‘.
The “word for word” option is the ranking filter that Google offers without its RankBrain algorithm.

Here for example, we have “Moz”, iblogzone, a Youtube video that comes from Moz, the Wordstream site, Online-Sales,… in fact, if I say go back to the RankBrain search, you see in fact that there are a whole series of objects that have disappeared.

There’s the Moz website, a Google plus thing that was shared three days ago.

The video’s missing. It’s number 16. If we look after the categories, news, images, video… we see that in the intention, Google prefers this RankBrain algorithm annotated in the case of this request.

In fact, freshness and recency are more important than didactic content such as video and images.

It can be interesting to compare the two when you have a query to optimize. You will compare the word by word search to see what the criteria are based on, so let’s say historical, words, authority, how Google draws its page.

Then you have a kind of overlay for RankBrain that will give the way Google interprets the intent of the query.

There’s a lot to talk about. I’m not necessarily the guru, the great specialist in that logic, but by showing you the example on this video, you can see how we search and see what Google is waiting for to classify content on the search in question. It’s up to you after adapting your content and logic.

But one important thing, and I’m going to conclude on this, is that with this, you’ve understood that a page for a keyword is over; it’s logical that it doesn’t work anymore.

That’s why the WP search console plug-in is so useful to be able to optimize a whole series of words and word combinations on the same page to answer this question.

This is an essential asset that you have to get your page sorted.

Download the plugin here
Documentation here

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