Lesson #4.1: Managing Optimization Tasks with WP Search Console

You will discover a Swiss pocketknife integrated in the WP Search Console plugin

Management of content optimization tasks for better team collaboration.

A Swiss penknife because it is multi-purpose. The basis is to be able to collaborate… and not only to optimize the SEO of your site. Everything related to collaboration (editor – author – project manager – dev |…)

This task creation box is a powerful collaborative tool.

You can divide the tasks to be carried out between the members of your team.

You can note the searches (keywords, expressions) to optimize on the page

You can list your observations to carry out a complete audit of the website.

The tasks are accessible on all individual objects:

Articles | Pages | Custom-posts | Tags | Categories

And in the plugin menu, you will find a long list of tasks:

  • Filterable by priority, set date, responsible
  • Exportable in CSV format

The tool is really designed for teams that need to collaborate to rapidly improve content.

Continuation: translation/transcription of video

In the explanation video on optimization ON-PAGE I showed you how to prepare lists of keywords (or variations of your visitors’ searches) to consolidate on a page…

Here in fact, I wanted to show you how one could use the block of actions to save the variations to optimize on a page…

If you remember, I had shown each time, several lists of keywords that we could test to see if the page was well ranked.

In fact, in the block of actions that is proposed on each page, under the tabs links” and “duplication“, you can simply copy the list of keywords you want to observe.

You can set a priority level and for example, choose a person who will be responsible, and you simply create the action.

And in fact, what’s going to happen is that you create an action on the list of expressions you want to work on.

So if you want to come back one day, two days, three days later to check the evolution of good positions in a list of keywords, you just have the words that are saved directly on the page.

By using our chromium SEO SERP INSTANT RANK CHECKER extension, you can check these positions without leaving your page.

If you prefer you can use another Chrome Multiple Tab Search. It will open different tabs with search variations.

This is an interesting way to explore the results offered by Google to better understand the search intentions that Google is trying to answer.

You take the words and mark them there and simply ask for a new search.

So, thanks to a second chrome extension SERP Trends SEO Extension, you will have the position logics directly on Google’s results pages:

  • when the page position has not moved,
  • green is when there is a new progression of the position,
  • and if it is lowered, it will appear in red.

And if it goes up, you’ll see the little arrow that appears.

On the plugin menu you can add links to create shortcuts to different sites.

You can even add your own favorite sites (Majestic, SEMRush, Ranxplorer,…)

Task management

If at some point, you have finished a task and you don’t want to use an element anymore, just check the cross here next to it.

It is also a way of telling a colleague that the task has been completed. A professional chef

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