If I need help: who can help me?

How to find help to use WP Search Console?

The community is organized on a private group on Facebook. You can always solicit the team publicly by asking your questions.

Several WordPress experts and SEO agencies are present in Read more

How to generate an SEO audit with WP Search Console plugin ?

Is it possible to make an SEO audit with the WP Search Console plug-in?

Yes, this is one of the tasks that can be done with the task management plug-in.

An expert can analyze all templates and review a Read more

Semantic analysis of TOP 10 queries

Google likes to rank pages on queries according to different thematic criteria.

We invite you to analyze a targeted ranking in detail to understand what Google ranks.

Google classifies content that is searched for by its visitors. So indirectly Read more

How many pages do I need on my wp site to get good rankings?

We’re not gonna hide it. Google likes content. And if you want to get visibility, you have to be able to create a lot of pages on your site.

Also to create popularity for your pages, you need to Read more

The complete tour of the plugin

An exhaustive presentation of the plugin exists in different forms on this website :

  • Technical documentation
  • The owners’ tour
  • Resources to explain the different concepts.

I have several sites to optimize

We offer different plans for people who manage networks of sites.

All plans are detailed in the subscription section of the application that manages your crawler on http://app.mitambo.com/.

I’m afraid I can’t take care of myself. 

Don’t panic.

First we answer all the questions. Come and discuss it in PM on Messenger or directly on the private group.

Either we will put you in contact with different experts in the group who master the WPSC Read more