If I need help: who can help me?

How to find help to use WP Search Console?

The community is organized on a private group on Facebook. You can always solicit the team publicly by asking your questions.

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How to generate an SEO audit with WP Search Console plugin ?

Is it possible to make an SEO audit with the WP Search Console plug-in?

Yes, this is one of the tasks that can be done with the task management plug-in.

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To find out what materials are available?

If I want to know what resources are available?

There are often two questions that get mixed up with this request.

  • Learn how to use all the resources of the plugin
  • Learn how to optimize your pages for SEO

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What is free and what is paid for?

Is it free or does it cost some money?

WP Search Console is a Freemium plugin.

Several modules in the plugin are (and will always remain) free:

  • The task management module
  • and access to google search console data.

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Where can I get help?

Who can help me?

The easiest way is to contact us via the private group on FB.  Join the group, introduce yourself and don’t hesitate to ask for explanations.

The community is on Facebook

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How do I check that the connections are working properly?

How do I verify that the connections to Google Search Console and Mitambo are working properly on my site?

Once you activate the plugin, you will need to allow access to the data distributed by both services.

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Is there detailed documentation?

Where is the official documentation of WP Search Console plugin?

A complete documentation with annotated screenshots is available online. (with french comments)

Why count URLs for the limit of one crawl?

Why count URLs for the limit of one crawl?

URL comes from Uniform Resource Locator. This means that it is the way to locate any resource used on your website. A page like an image or a script (css, Read more

What’s custom crawl frequency?

What’s the customizable crawl frequency?

You have understood why we were counting URLs (if not look at the related question).

The subscription proposal provides you with a maximum volume of URLs per month.

Maximum monthly URL volume

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