Lesson #4.1: Managing Optimization Tasks with WP Search Console

You will discover a Swiss pocketknife integrated in the WP Search Console plugin

Management of content optimization tasks for better team collaboration.

A Swiss penknife because it is multi-purpose. The basis is to be able to collaborate… and not only to optimize the SEO of your site. Everything related to collaboration (editor – author – project manager – dev |…)

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Lesson #4.2: How to create your SEO work plan?

One of the WPSC plugin areas is very useful to help you prepare your SEO work plan.

It is found in the plugin general menu. And you will find a summary of all the information available for each page.

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Lesson #3.6: Working position 0 on Google with featured snippet

How to use WPSC to measure the indexes to optimize for position 0 on a Google SERP?

Patrick Faust explains the tricks to use with the WPSC plugin to optimize your page to push it to position 0 with Read more

Lesson #3.5: Quick Tip for Google Brain

RankBrain is the latest logic that Google uses to learn how to filter results.[/embed

RankBrain is the last layer Google uses to filter results.

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Lesson #3.4: The Importance of the First 100 Words

Introducing your text is a strategic element

The importance of your introductory text can be extremely useful when you want to place additional expressions on which you want to classify the page.

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Lesson #3.3: Optimizing keywords on a page

How to optimize a page?

The first part of page optimization is the “ON-PAGE” area.

You have Google Search Console information… or sometimes no keywords used.

Mirroring you have Mitambo Search Console information that allows you to understand the Read more

Lesson #3.2: Optimizing the heart of pages

A quick overview of key information useful for optimizing your pages

A short presentation to show you useful information to optimize their core pages

I’ll show you the heart of the WP Search Console plug-in.

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Lesson #3.1: Analyzing your keywords at the heart of your pages

Mitambo analyzes the relevance of your keywords at the heart of incoming pages and links.

Mitambo’s great strength is to offer you a keyword analysis that goes beyond the heart of the page.

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Lesson #2.3: How to Analyze the SEO Quality of Your WP Theme

The semantic structure of your page is a key element to control

Another example of how to analyze your WP theme in a video made by Patrick Faust who is a developer-side SEO expert.

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Lesson #2.2: The Main HTML Tags in Your WordPress Templates

The semantic structure of your page is a key element to control

The report on the main HTML tags used on your page is one of the key “technical” elements to check on your page.

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